Monday, November 1, 2010

When do the Baseball Playoffs Start? Wait, what?

It's halfway through the football season, and I'm sitting here watching Monday Night Football instead of watching the clinching game of the World Series. Even at halftime, I preferred watching the halftime show over the baseball game.

I'm a baseball fan, so I've been a little confused as to why I couldn't care any less about this World Series. I think it has to do with a handful of different things.

First of all, it's easy for me to lose interest in baseball once football, basketball and hockey start. It doesn't matter who's playing--it's a calendar issue. Including the preseason (I like the preseason, so I include that month), baseball has been going for eight months. For something that goes on that long, the end needs to be something spectacular. This is the epitome of anti-climactic.

It's like if you had a fireworks show that lasted a full hour. Each firework during that hour was a simple little Black Cat firecracker. Those are fun, but they get boring pretty fast. So an hour after the incessant popping, it's time for the grand finale--a bottle rocket. Disappointing, right? And for the last 15 minutes of this show, there's been a better show going on not too far away.

So even with the most exciting teams playing in the World Series, it's been going on for a tad too long. But these aren't the most exciting teams, and I can't really explain why. Sure, Tim Lincecum is hard to even look at (he looks like Harry Potter's Hippie older brother) and Brian Wilson's beard is disturbing (don't argue with me, that looks weird), but for the most part these teams have little to aggravate even me.

But that's the biggest problem. I'm used to watching the World Series when a team I care about is playing, for better or for worse...usually worse. I was happy a few weeks ago when the Yankees lost out, but maybe I'd pay more attention if they were playing, because then I'd care about them losing.

It's no secret that we Americans love an underdog, but I've just realized there's nothing worse than when two underdogs make it all the way and have to play each other. We don't love underdogs; we love it when underdogs play the big boys. When underdogs play each other, it's just lame.

My apologies to the Giants' fans that might read this, even though you are all driving me crazy on facebook, talking about your team like they're all your best friends. I don't want to take anything away from your team's great accomplishment, but none of the rest of us care. And if you're a Rangers' fan, I'm sorry for your loss, although I don't really think you were a Rangers' fan a month ago.


  1. The Rangers took a shellacking.

  2. Dude-it's been over a month. I am getting impatient for new material...

  3. - you are hilarious! My sister told me I HAD to check out your blog and I'm glad I did. Your post about the meat thermometer? I was crying I was laughing so hard - which doesn't happen very often. :) Keep blogging!