Friday, January 22, 2010

And the Crowd Goes Wild

I haven't blogged in several years.

Maybe it's because I have nothing noteworthy to say, or maybe it's because I realize nobody really wants to know what's going on in my head. But I realized I just don't care what anyone thinks, or if they're reading at all. I fully expect any and all traffic on this blog to be people who are desperately searching for a picture of me naked.

Perhaps my frustration with past attempts at blogging comes from the fact that I don't have any one thing I'll want to write about all the time. If I am simply a Jack of All Trades, but a Master of none, the Louvre is simply a museum. But while the Louvre is world-class in its excellence, I am world-class in my mediocrity.

And that's just fine with me.

So allow me to apologize in advance for this blog's randomness and inconsistency, which will surely cause more people to shake their head in bewilderment than an episode of "Jersey Shore". Expect the unexpected. On any given day, you might read about food, sports, politics, religion, cartoons, the environment, music, dating in a small town, movies, beer, business, or why I can relate to every cast member of The Office. You just never know.

Among all the inconsistencies, I will remain steadfast in a few things. I will almost always try to make you laugh, I will almost always try to make fun of someone or something, and I will never be wrong. If you disagree, talk about it in your blog.

Buckle up, and let's have fun with this.


  1. Hey Dave!
    Love the blog! Thanks for a great laugh!
    Keep it up!
    Katie, Cale and Lily

  2. I might be curious about how you relate to every cast member of The Office...that would make a great it soon!

    Love the blog so far...and your randomness!


  3. You're a good kid Creamer. Quit playin with your dingy.