Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm a Team Player, but Come On...

I saw highlights tonight from the two-man luge in the Olympics.

Uhhh, seriously?

I think about the evolution of an Olympic event. They're usually a test of some strength or skill or stamina. You already know how I feel about curling, but at least it's an interesting concept. Ice skating is how you race in the winter when you can't run. I get that. Skiing takes talent, strength, balance, nerves of steel. Great event. Even the one-man luge makes some sense. People have probably been sledding for centuries, so you might as well make a race out of it.

But at what point did somebody think about the luge as it was and think it needed to change? Who was the guy who said, "this luge is pretty cool, but it needs something". It's a fair question, but he probably had a buddy who said "I know, I'll lay on top of you!"

Then I bet it got weird.

"Ummm, okay. You mean like face-down?"

"YEAH!!! Er, no...I mean, whatever. Yeah, no, face-up...totally...face-up...facing the same way. Yeah, that's what I meant."

"Hmmm, that seems weird. I guess it would be faster."

"It'd be way faster! And I could help you push off! And I'd get to lay on top of you!"


"Nothing...what? Nothing, I just said it'd be faster."

"Yeah, I guess it would. Alright, sit on my lap. And when I lay down, you lay down."

"I never thought I'd hear you say that. Let's go sledding!"

"It's luge. We're luging. We're lugers."

"Whatever. I'm just so happy!"

And they get the same gold medal as the hockey team too. I need a vacation.


  1. I'm laughing SO HARD right now!!! I thought that last night! I know that I watch the Olympics each time they roll around - and I seriously don't remember this. Maybe this is the first time that they have televised the whole event?

    When I realized what I was watching - all's I could think was - 'How are they commentating this with a straight face?' with comments like 'perfect forms' and 'looked like a real comfortable ride for the team'.

    And then there was the uniforms. USA were ok - but some of the other team uniforms were just out there...

    Oh well - I guess the whole sport is just wayyy out there.

    It was embarrassing watching it with my teenage son ~ awkward silence for awhile.

  2. Hahaha. I have to agree Dave!

  3. Here's what I wonder - where the heck do you even get a start in luge anyway, not to mention TWO MAN luge!? Was I a deprived child because I didn't have a high school luge team to join?

  4. This is right on. Would also like to hear your thoughts on Greco-Roman wrestling and gladiator fighting.