Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best Bracket Ever, Part 2

This is the second in a series of how Laci, the hair-stylist, will once again win her March Madness pool.

West Bracket:

1-Syracuse Orange
16-Vermont Catamounts

"Is their mascot seriously a color? I don't know what a Catamount is. I've never been to Vermont but I knew a girl in college from there and she was an idiot. I don't know what to do! I guess that number 1 means they're pretty good. Whatever."

Pick: Syracuse

8-Gonzaga Bulldogs
9-Florida State Seminoles

"OH...MY...GOSH!!! I want an English Bulldog so bad I can't stand it! Like, seriously, I don't know if I can live another day without one!"

Pick: Gonzaga

5-Butler Bulldogs
12-UTEP Miners

"Haha yay, more bulldogs! What does UTEP mean? Is that a word? Maybe it's a state I've never heard of yet. Miners...I guess that means they're younger, so they must be better. Awww, I guess all the Bulldogs can't win."

Pick: UTEP

4-Vanderbilt Commodores
13-Murray State Racers

"Racers? That's funny! I like saying Vanderbilt. It sounds so important. Vanderbilt. Vannnnderbilt. Bilt. Vanderbilt. Van- ok sorry."

Pick: Vanderbilt

6-Xavier Musketeers
11-Minnesota Golden Gophers

"How do you say that word? It starts with an X, is that weird? I bet they spelled it wrong. I got sick from eating 3 Musketeers on Halloween when I was like five years old and I threw up on my mom's white tiger blanket. I feel so bad STILL! But she was all 'I still love you Lace'. My mom is the sweetest! Gophers are sooo cute!"

Pick: Minnesota

3-Pittsburgh Panthers
14-Oakland Golden Grizzlies

"Is that the same school as the Oakland Raiders? My neighbor likes the Raiders and he can't read and he's got a jacked-up truck and he hits his wife. the Steelers? Oh my gosh, I was just in a club a few weeks ago and I saw like their quarterback or whatever! His name was Ben! And he had sex with all these girls and then hit them on the head! I was super pumped to meet somebody famous!"

Pick: Pittsburgh

7-BYU Cougars
10-Florida Gators

"Ugh, more Cougars? Isn't BYU all Mormons? I bet Mormons are bad basketball players. Oh, I love Florida! It's like ALL beaches! That's in the corner of the country, right?"

Pick: Florida

2-Kansas State Wildcats
15-North Texas Mean Green

"Hahahahaha Mean Green? That is SOOOO funny! They shouldn't win if they're mean. I like nice teams! Wait, I thought I already said Kansas was going to win! Maybe not. Oh well."

Pick: Kansas State

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