Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best Bracket Ever, Part 3

Laci is a hair-stylist and she knows nothing about basketball. As you all know, however, she will somehow find a way to win her March Madness pool, much to the dismay of her friends who saw her as "easy money" coming into the competition. You've seen the Midwest and West Brackets; here is the East Bracket.

1-Kentucky Wildcats
16-East Tennessee State Buccaneers

"That name is super long. I don't even know what half of these mascots are! What's a buccaneer?! I know what a wildcat is."

Pick: Kentucky

8-Texas Longhorns
9-Wake Forest Demon Deacons

"Have you ever seen how big Texas is on a map? It has a cool shape. Is the other school really a forest? Don't they have deacons in church and stuff? My best friend Ashley's dad is a deacon I think. Eww, he's not a demon though. That's scary!"

Pick: Texas

5-Temple Owls
12-Cornell Big Red

"How many of these schools have colors for their mascots? Big Red is gum, right? I love Big Red! Owls? They sound wise. Wise people are bad at basketball I bet. They should be in a contest for computers or something."

Pick: Cornell

4-Wisconsin Badgers
13-Wofford Terriers

"I've never heard of Wofford. Is that how you say that? Badgers are mean and I bet they are good at basketball! Hey, is Wisconsin the place where all the cheese comes from? I love cheese! Winnerrrr!

Pick: Wisconsin

6-Marquette Golden Eagles
11-Washington Huskies

"Husky guys aren't supposed to be good basketball players. Is Washington a state AND a city? That's so confusing! I'll pick do you say that?"

Pick: Marquette

3-New Mexico Lobos
14-Montana Grizzlies

"Yay, I love the Grizzlies! They're the best at everything, like ever! Oh my gosh, go Griz!"

Pick: Montana

7-Clemson Tigers
10-Missouri Tigers

"WHOA TIGER!!! HAHAHAHA!!! They're all Tigers! Does that mean they both win? Let's see on the picture. Clemson's Tigers are orange and Missouri's Tigers are yellow. Aren't tigers more orange? Orange Tigers win!"

Pick: Clemson

2-West Virginia Mountaineers
15-Morgan State Bears

"So West Virginia is a state? Or is it a place in regular Virginia? What is a Mountaineer? Is it like a Buccaneer? What's up with all the Ears? How does that make a team good? Morgan State...oh, my ex was making out with some girl named Morgan in High School. Remember that? I hate Morgan, even though she's super pretty."

Pick: West Virginia

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Morgan sounds fareeekay.

    WV is a state, but not in a "constitutional" sense. (Art. IV sec. 3)

    Go Tigers! (the orange ones)