Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Best Bracket Ever, Part 4

This finishes up the first round of basketball action in Laci's bracket pool. I should charge people for these picks.

1-Duke Blue Devils
16-Arkansas Pine Bluff Golden Lions/Winthrop Eagles

"Does Duke have to play two teams? Oh my gosh, they must be really good if one team isn't enough! Oh hey, you know Dave Creamer, hottest guy ever? His mom went to Winthrop and she said it was a girls' school. But his cousin went there and it changed to a boys' and girls' school. Could you imagine going to college with all girls? What's the point?"

Pick: Duke

8-California Golden Bears
9-Louisville Cardinals

"I love California! Oh, the Cardinals, weren't they in like the football Super Bowl AND the baseball Super Bowl or whatever? They must be really good. Oh, what am I gonna do? I love California so much!"

Pick (eventually): Louisville

5-Texas A&M Aggies
12-Utah State Aggies

"Haha YAY, the Aggies are going to win! What the heck is an Aggie?! And what's A&M mean? Is it Apples and Macaroni? I don't eat macaroni cuz there's WAY too many carbs! Oh, I bet it's part of the state. It's probably like Animals and Mountains. That reminds me of camping. I hate camping!"

Pick: Utah State

4-Purdue Boilermakers
13-Siena Saints

"Boilermakers? Ewww, weird. Saints is much sweeter. OH, remember All Saints? I loved them! 'Never ever have I had to find...something-something', I forget the words now but that song was so great! Isn't Siena a minivan? They have these new commercials that are SO funny! Mommy like. Me too!"

Pick: Siena

6-Notre Dame Fighting Irish
11-Old Dominion Monarchs

"I'M IRISH, YAY!!! Well, I'm like half Irish. Well, I think my mom might be half Irish and my dad is like a quarter Irish. So I guess I'm three-quarters Irish and that's a lot! Have you seen Rudy? I cried in that movie! That was about Notre Dame right? Is it Noter Dame or Notra Dame? I never know how to say it! I love them!"

Pick: Notre Dame

3-Baylor Bears
14-Sam Houston State Bearkats

"Is Sam Houston a person? How does he get a college named after him? Oh, maybe it's like Samantha Houston. I hope so! I want a college named after me! I think a lot of people would go to Laci Underwood-Adams University! Go L.U.A.U.! Whoa, Luau! Everybody would want to go there! Hey, didn't they spell Kats wrong? There's two T's, right? Sam Houston is a moron!"

Pick: Baylor

7-Richmond Spiders
10-Saint Mary's Gaels

"YUCK, I hate spiders! One time my little brother put a spider in my shoe and I stepped on it and got spider guts inside and I was all 'SICK' and he was all 'haha' and I was all 'you are such a jerk!' and he was all 'I'm sorry Lace' and I was all 'it's okay, I still love you Bobo'. His name is really Jerry but we always call him Bobo. I don't know why!"

Pick: Saint Mary's

2-Villanova Wildcats
15-Robert Morris Colonials

"Oh my gosh, there's another guy who has his own college! I bet they call him Bob though. It's Bob Morris probably. Yay, we were the Wildcats in high school when I was a cheerleader! GOOOOO WILDCATS!"

Pick: Villanova

You now have your opening round picks. Stay tuned for more...


  1. wow dude. you have a serious amount of time on your hands. at least you are clever.

  2. Yeah, problem is I'm pretty busy right about now. I wrote and posted the first two, then was committed to finish. Still don't know what I'm going to do with the other rounds.

  3. Laci lost three for me so far :(